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nCurses is a library that manipulates the terminal screen. It allows the creation of text-based interface and is avaliable on several languages and platforms. It has a clean and easy-to-use API and is great to create 'GUI-like' software that runs quickly on the console screen.

This is a list of several nCurses applications, by category following the debian menu policy. For games, see nCurses Game List on this Wiki.



Editors, other than office word processors, for text-based information.

Hex Editors

shed Shed is an easy to use hex editor written for unix/linux using ncurses, with a friendly pico-style interface.
DHEX A Hexeditor with a Diff-mode for ncurses. It makes heavy use of colors and is themeable.

Text Editors


File Management

Tools for file management, archiving, searching, CD/DVD burning, backup, etc.

GNU Midnight Commander A visual file manager. One of the most famous and standard on some distros. Supports themes and is very extensible.
vifm A file manager with vi-like key bindings.
ranger Console file manager written in Python.


2D and 3D graphics manipulation software.


Uncategorized software.

TuDu A command line interface to manage hierarchical TO-DOs.
bpm-counter Timer that counts something regular through keystrokes, like the beat of a music.
calcurse Text-based calendar and scheduling application. It helps keep track of events, appointments and everyday tasks.
Cxmame A simple console based frontend for xmame, written in C using the ncurses library.
CMatrix Simulates the screensaver from "The Matrix" movie’s website on the terminal.


Network related software.


Mail, USENET news, chat, instant messaging, IP telephony, video conferencing software, etc.

Chat Clients

TinyIRC An irc client originally designed in a time when people were charged for CPU time on shared servers.
ntalk A chat console app written with ncurses. It’s designed to work in all kinds of networks (LAN/WAN) and to be much more friendly and functional than Unix talk.
Profanity A simple ncurses based jabber client. Can send tinyurls, has tab completion and can connect to GTalk.
gtmess A console MSN Messenger client for Linux and other unix systems.

Mail Clients

sarpa Console email client written in python which has similar functionality to gmail (tags, filters, converstaions).
forseti MSN client written in Python with nCurses and GTK interfaces.

File Transfer

File transfer software such as download managers, FTP clients, P2P clients, etc.

NCurses Direct Connect A modern and lightweight Direct Connect client with a friendly ncurses interface. For sharing files.
rTorrent A BitTorrent client for ncurses, using the libtorrent library.
Museek+ A file-sharing application for the ​Soulseek peer-to-peer network.


File transfer software such as download managers, FTP clients, P2P clients, etc.

Web Browsing

Web browsers, tools for offline browsing, etc.

Web News

Web feed (RSS, Atom, etc.) and podcast aggregators.

notiziario A simple ncurses based RSS reader, written in ANSI C.
newsbeuter A text-based Atom and RSS feed reader. Also known as 'the mutt of rss feed readers'.


IDEs, debuggers, etc.



Curses Development Kit A library of functions that implements several nCurses functionalities with ease. Basically, creates 'widget-like' applications for the terminal.
ycurses nCurses bindigs for the D language.


Scientific and engineering-related software.


Sound players, editors, and rippers/recorders.

Audio Players

MOC - music on console An ncurses based music player with support for many formats. Supports custom themes.
LastBASH A console/terminal based player for written in Bash.


System related software.


Administrative and system configuration utilities, also tools for personal user settings.


System information and monitoring tools, log viewers, etc.

ncdu - NCurses Disk Usage A curses-based version of the well-known "du", and provides a fast way to see what directories are using your disk space.

Terminal Emulators

Graphical terminal emulators.

xterm The standard X Window System terminal emulator. It's lightweight and there are several variations.
gnome-terminal Emulates xterm and provides several extra features. Is the GNOME standard terminal emulator.
Konsole The default KDE terminal emulator.
Terminator A cross-platform terminal emulator with several features. Runs on Java.

Terminal Multiplexers

Allows several 'windows' insinde one terminal screen.

GNU Screen Allows several terminal sessions to run on a single terminal window. Can split-screen and run login sessions on the background.
neercs Like GNU Screen it can detach a session from a terminal. It also has ASCII-art screensavers, cube-rotating effect when changing terminal and special effects.


Software for viewing images, documents and other (non-video) media.


Video players, editors, and rippers/recorders.

Mplayer A high-quality media player, with support to several media files. You'll probably want to see this link for info on how to use it.

Web Development

Software for web site editing, web programming, and site administration.

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